Waste Diversion

Chances are, if you’re interested in a green roof, you’re interested in protecting the environment, and that is exactly what Rooftop Green will help you do. Our engineered tray design is made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials, already reducing the amount of waste heading to landfills. However, our systems will also help extend your roof life, keeping membranes and construction materials from piling on trash heaps too.

Urban Heat Island Mitigation

The goal of any green roof is to bring a little bit of the rural, to the urban, to bring green environmental spaces where they normally would not be—on the roof! In the process, we can prevent the Urban Heat Island effect. The temperature difference between urban and rural areas can contribute to air currents and violent weather conditions. Evening out urban temperatures with a cool green roof mitigates the UHI effect.

Storm Water Mitigation

Green roofs must be watered to remain living and lush, but (after the first couple of weeks) the environment will do it for you! Soaking up the rain, Rooftop Green’s absorbent patented tray can reduce storm water runoff too. Excess rainwater that must normally be mitigated through sewer systems can instead be put to work keeping your roof green.

Noise Reduction

With the bustling human activity in urban areas comes a lot of unwanted and even harmful noise. Just like the insulation in your walls, green roof systems act as acoustic insulation to your home or building, reducing the distracting noise of airports, manufacturing, trains, and life whizzing by.


Energy Conservation

If your green roof is acting as an acoustic insulator, it doubles and a thermal insulator too. The tray, soil, and air trapped in the greenery make roughly 5 inches. This roof coverage acts as a barrier, protecting the surface below, keeping the space beneath it cool during the summer and warm during the winter. Overall, the greater insulation reduces the amount of energy needed to moderate the temperature of a building or home. In other words, a green roof can save you money year-round.

Tax Relief and Policy Incentives

Recognizing the many benefits of green roof systems, various governments have implemented tax credits and policy incentives to encourage their citizens to install them. Some organizations will even cover a percentage of the cost associated with the installation of your system. Be sure to research your local area, or contact us, and a Rooftop Green associate will determine what incentives are available for you.

Roof Longevity

Green roof systems make your roof beautiful, but they make it strong too. The coverage that helps control energy costs, reduces noise, and manages storm water, protects your roof at the same time! In fact, a green roof can double your roof life, meaning you don’t have to spend the money required to replace it.


LEED and Energy Star Certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a system established by the United States to determine standards that make a building design environmentally progressive. Energy Star, established to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by the inefficient use of energy, has the same goal: to make buildings as environmentally conscious as possible. With the help of Rooftop Green systems, your building can be LEED and Energy Star certified too!

Brand and Marketing Value

Both of these certifications can ensure you peace of mind that you, or your business, are being environmentally conscious. However, they can also improve your reputation. Environmental movements have led to an enormous market of green consumers, who will definitely be interested and positively influenced by your green considerations. With the LEED and Energy Star certifications, you can advertise them everywhere, and catch the customer’s eye.

Aesthetic Building Opportunities

This overwhelming list of green roof benefits makes the last one easy to overlook: they are pretty! It’s simple. Green roofs look better than asphalt or tar roofs. They can create a green space perfect for a calm, creative environment. For architects and decorators, green roofs contain the potential for artistic building design.