Rooftop Green is a vegetated roof module manufacturer, whose goal is to turn grey, idle roofs into active, vibrant green space.


Founded in 2015 as a Dan T. Moore Company affiliate, Rooftop Green is housed at the Cleveland Industrial Innovation Center, where solving unmet industrial and manufacturing needs is the team mission. Rooftop Green fits into this innovative picture with our original module design, engineered with a cost effective vegetated roofing solution in mind.

One of many local companies working together under the Dan T. Moore parent company, Rooftop Green pulls from a pool of over 100 years of combined product design and engineering expertise. Visit the Dan T. Moore Company portfolio for more information on our fellow subsidiaries and company objectives.

Our Team

Anna Droz, General Manager

Dan Moore, Founder and Associate GM

Sonny Battaglia, Installation Manager

Rick Renton, Purchasing Agent

Tricia Davis, Web Master