1. Species Profiles
Depending of the Rooftop Green model chosen, the tray media will be pre-seeded at a rate of 90% coverage for established growth.
A newly installed Rooftop Green roof will require approximately 1 hour of care per 100 sq feet of green roof each week for the first month of the project. This time will be spent primarily keeping the germinating seeds moist by watering two to three times per week. Full saturation is not necessary at this time. If there is an irrigation system, plan on dedicating 15 minutes per 100 square feet for the first month.

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2. Engineered Media
Our trays contain a proprietary blend of media, which includes expanded haydite clay aggregates and sand. Less than 20% organics, compost and mulch. The blend is designed for fast draining, high water retention, and low compression. Certifications and amendments can be accommodated for specific projects.
Dry Delivery13.50 lbs per sq.ft.
Field Weight14.00 - 15.50 lbs per sq.ft.
Saturated19.75 – 20.50 lbs per sq.ft.
Max Saturated Weight42.15 lbs per tray
Max Vegetated Saturated Weight46.15 lbs per tray
Water Absorption and Dispersal Rates:
Retention Rate6.88 – 7.10 lbs of water per tray, or 3.44 – 3.55 Lbs per sq.ft.
Drainage Rate≈ 14 gallons per minute per linear foot
3. Tray Design
Our tray is made from non-woven, porous PET fiber that is thermoformed into a 12-cell container with a perforated top scrim. This material is 100% POST-CONSUMER recycled polyethylene terephthalate. Post-consumer materials have been removed and reused from waste streams
Base white is standard. Bluish White can be used for specific project designations. The highly reflective polymer surface maximizes available light for optimal growth.
Dry.6875 lbs or 11 oz
Saturated2.5 lbs or 40 oz

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