The Industry Leader in Cost

If green roofs have so many benefits, why doesn’t everyone have one? The answer: they are usually expensive. Rooftop Green aims to solve this problem. The creation of our trays require little to no raw materials. Made from recycled materials readily available in our waste stream, Rooftop Green’s system is a truly cradle to cradle product with sustainably sourced material. Our tagline is “All Inclusive Modular Life” for a reason. We send everything you need directly to your doorstep in one simple shipment, reducing fossil fuel use and transportation costs for all parties. In other words, we make green roof systems at the lowest possible cost to your wallet and your environment.


Recycled Tray Design

Investing in any green roof system can have positive eco-friendly advantages, but the environmental benefits of Rooftop Green’s all-inclusive modular life begins pre-installation. Our patented tray design is made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials that are taken directly from waste streams. Beginning as plastic water bottles, these polymers are blended, re-blended and thermo-formed into the trays in which our media is placed. The media itself is locally sourced as well, all-in- all making for a green roof system that could not be any more environmentally conscious.


A DIY Solution

Rooftop Green’s primary objective is to make green roofing systems affordable AND accessible. Our modules are made to be installed quickly and easily with their ergonomic packaging and lightweight design. With an approximate weight of 25 lbs, the trays can be shipped dry and managed by most customers, and by any and all contractors or roof installers. Whether you would like to handle the project yourself, with your maintenance team, or with a separate hired installer, the process is simplified exceedingly with our green roof tray.