General Product Questions

How much do the modular trays weigh?

Rooftop Green’s all-inclusive modular trays ship dry and arrive on site weighing roughly 13.5 lbs per square foot.

When should the trays be installed on the roof?

ASAP. The modular trays will begin germination as soon as they are wet, so trays should be installed as soon as possible after arrival, and before they are exposed to precipitation.

How often should the system be watered?

The amount of watering the system requires depends on the weather conditions in your area. Please refer to the watering guidelines, or contact a Rooftop Green specialist for more detailed information.

Will the trays need pruned or clipped?

No. Our species varieties are specifically chosen to be high coverage, yet low maintenance.

How long until the trays reach maturity?

Growth rate depends on location and seasonal weather; however, your system will have fully established plants with 80% coverage during two growing seasons.

Do I need to fertilize the system?

No. Fertilizer should not be added to Rooftop Green trays unless specified.

Commercial Customer Questions

Can maintenance teams and landscaping companies install Rooftop Green trays?

Yes. Rooftop Green modules are designed for quick and easy installation. As long as guidelines are followed, anyone who can get on the roof lift roughly 20 lbs can install a Rooftop Green system.

Are there specified roofing contractors for Rooftop Green tray systems?

Any contractor can install our trays; however, you may contact Rooftop Green for a reference in your area.

Will this system assist in storm water management?

Yes. Our modules are specifically designed with plastic polymer trays that are proven to act as retainers and filters for runoff water that can be problematic.

Are there tax incentives for Rooftop Green systems?

Yes. Multiple tax and fee mitigation incentives are available for your green roof project. These include, but are not limited to impervious surface tax break, or a waste water runoff management incentive.

Do Rooftop Green trays contribute LEED points?

Yes. Our vegetative roof systems can add up to 10 LEED points to a single building.

Contractor Questions

What tools are needed to install Rooftop Green modules?

As always, the appropriate safety equipment for roofing work is required. For small projects, just a ladder, gloves, and a set of plyers is all that is needed.

Do large projects require special equipment?

For a project exceeding 250 or more square feet, a boom, mini-crane, or service elevator can also be alternatively recommended to transfer the trays to the roof.

What prep work is required for a Rooftop Green system?

Be sure the roof surface is dry and clean with no known leaks.

Where can the system be picked up?

The portable nature of our trays make them easy to ship on site, but will-call orders can be retrieved at the Rooftop Green facility at the Cleveland Industrial Innovation Center.

What are the shipping options for the trays?

For small orders, trays can be delivered in individual packages via UPS. For larger orders, the modules can be received in large palletized LTL or fright orders.