Waste Diversion

Chances are, if you’re interested in a green roof, you’re interested in protecting the environment, and that is exactly what Rooftop Green will help you do. Our engineered tray design is made of 100% post-consumer recycled materials, already reducing the amount of waste heading to landfills. However, our systems will also help extend your roof life, keeping membranes and construction materials from piling on trash heaps too.

Urban Heat Island Mitigation

The goal of any green roof is to bring a little bit of the rural, to the urban, to bring green environmental spaces where they normally would not be—on the roof! In the process, we can prevent the Urban Heat Island effect. The temperature difference between urban and rural areas can contribute to air currents and violent weather conditions. Evening out urban temperatures with a cool green roof mitigates the UHI effect.

Noise Reduction

With the bustling human activity in urban areas comes a lot of unwanted and even harmful noise. Just like the insulation in your walls, green roof systems act as acoustic insulation to your home or building, reducing the distracting noise of airports, manufacturing, trains, and life whizzing by.

Storm Water Mitigation

Green roofs must be watered to remain living and lush, but (after the first couple of weeks) the environment will do it for you! Soaking up the rain, Rooftop Green’s absorbent patented tray can reduce storm water runoff too. Excess rainwater that must normally be mitigated through sewer systems can instead be put to work keeping your roof green.